Day to day life can bring us stress that affects our mood and health. Don’t we all want to find a little heaven in the privacy of our own home where we can relax and meditate after a busy day?

relax in the lounge

First of all, locate the area where you would like to create a relaxing zone. It is usually done in a lounge by a bay window or by patio doors. You can also bring it in your master bedroom, study, conservatory or any other spare areas in your house.

relax on sofa

It will be great if the chosen area is looking out into the outside greenery. If it is not possible, you can also add fresh cut flowers.

relaxing in the bedroom

To set up the right atmosphere try to bring interior elements, like a fireplace or bookshelves. A rug will make the space cosy and serene. Consider using a natural colour palette, it will help to bring out the soft and translucent look to your sanctuary and will help you to relax. It is best to avoid installing a bright chandelier or spotlight, instead use a low hanged ceiling light, wall lights or table lamps with the opulent shades.

relaxing chair

Pay attention to the finishing touches, like adding a folded throw on the arm of your chair or making an arrangement of candles on the coffee table – and don’t forget to bring in your favourite scent and music.

As Jane Austen said – “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

Happy relaxing everyone!