grey colours

Some of my clients have the perception that living in a neutral colour palette home is going to be dull and boring. Please remember that neutral tones don’t just mean beige or white! There is more you can do with neutral than you probably realise. Your home should be your sanctuary where you can relax and retreat from all the hustle that everyday life brings. If you play it right, you can choose a neutral colour palette and be left with a timeless, elegant and sophisticated home that flows seamlessly across your entire property. Before you choose your colour, bear in mind factors like how much natural light there is, how big or small the space is etc.

Always remember that it takes more than one shade of neutral colour to create a beautifully designed colour palette – you can use grey, taupe, cream or brown colours. Once you have picked the colour you want to work with, subdivide the colour into a wide variety of undertones. For example, if you choose to work with a grey colour palette, you will be able to see that grey is so much more that just well…grey. Some greys can be very light and others can be very rich and dark in tone. Greys have warm and cold tones which can show more green or blue tints. There is so much colour variation available – taupe, charcoal, slate grey, blue-grey, silver grey, ash, dim-grey, smokey, cadet grey and so many more. By applying different shades of your chosen colour will add depth to your space.

grey in interiors

If you would like to create something different with your space, you will be surprised how mixing different neutrals can create a stunning look. One of my favourite combos is a mixture of greys and beiges. It takes away any coldness and creates a very pleasant and soothing environment. Another secret to a well executed neutral colour palette is layering distinctively different textures which will add movement to your room. Use different textures to create an interest. You can do so through fabrics, wallpaper, flooring, tiles or furniture. The marketplace offers a wide choice so never use the same fabric twice. The introduction of patterns will bring charisma to your room and can be used on decorative cushions or on the statement piece.

neutral colors

Once your neutral colour “canvas” is ready, you can add a contrast colour to compliment the neutral look. You can do that by adding your personal touches by bringing decorative accessories, cushions, flowers and other interior design elements, which can all be changed at anytime to tweak the look to fit your mood or season.

yellow accessories