Plans and blueprints for interior design of homeThe great thing about redesigning your existing home is that you know exactly what you need to improve on. Think about how you are using your space – does your house function the way you want it to? Think of the solutions. You have a fantastic opportunity to make it just the way you have always wanted.

It can be more challenging if you are designing your newly purchased house but it should still be an exciting journey. Your ultimate goal is to have designed your home in your unique style.

After years of experience, we believe the golden rule is – get the proportion of your furniture to the right proportion of your room.

To achieve the right result you will need to put everything on a plan. If you don’t have an architectural floor plan drawing, you can measure up your rooms and draw it up in your project book using a scale ruler and then add the furniture layout.

Alternatively you can use masking tape on the floor or walls to mark the sizes and the height of the furniture. If your floorboards are still not laid you can spray the outline of the furniture on the floor. All of this has to be done to ensure you have enough room to walk around your furniture and to give you a guide of proportions.

This will ensure you always buy furniture of the right size and you will know exactly where in the house you are going to place it.