Don’t we all want to have a beautifully finished home which looks timeless, elegant and sophisticated? Have you ever thought of how to achieve a designer’s look in your home without spending a fortune? There are a few simple ways to live in luxury.

interior design ideas

1. Don’t just buy it…

Measure up your room to be certain that furniture will fit properly. You should never buy a piece of furniture if it is too small or too big for your room, even if the piece is on sale! It can be very tempting to make such a purchase when you spot an all-matching 5 piece suite. It might feel like a great idea at the time, but you might be disappointed when it is positioned in your room. It may not fit into the space you have and even if it does, it may look boring. My advice is to get your biggest pieces right as they will last you for many years and ultimately save you money.

2. Make use of what you already have

When your priority is to work with a small budget, you should really have a look around the house and see what is hidden away in your cupboards. If you have any beautiful crystal, china, silverware or table linen tucked away it is time for all of these items to come out and add the luxury feel to your home. In addition, frame some of your prized photos and old paintings to bring some personality to the space.

home accessories

3. Create variety

Imagine if everything you put into your home looks the same. This kind of environment will look dull and boring. To create a more sophisticated look, you need to add variety. Variety is a visual interest. In interior design it can be achieved by mixing different textures, using tones of the same colour and introducing different shapes. The key to a well designed space is to get your consistency right as too much variety can cause an uneasy feel and sense of clutter.


4. Add accessories

Accessories are important attributes of interior design. By adding a range of accessories you will add personal touches to your home. Also try to add fresh flowers or greens to your room on a regular basis as this will bring a fresh feel to your home weekly.


5. Plan well

Before you do any shopping for furniture be aware of the size and style of furniture you are going to bring back home. When you are choosing fabrics, be aware how much you are spending on them. With the choice so wide it is very easy to get carried away and choose very expensive fabrics. If you shop around longer you will be able to find great and inexpensive fabrics for window treatments and for upholstery. However, you can splash out a little bit more when you find statement fabrics for your cushions or small upholstery. You will only need to buy a few meters, but it can really add something very special to your room.


It can be exciting to decorate your own home. There are definitely a lot of economical ways of changing the look of your home without spending too much. Imagine what you are trying to achieve in your ideal home and then see what you can get in the shops. But don’t compromise on the styles if you are not completely happy with something you have found. Don’t buy it just yet, I’m sure it won’t be long until you find your perfect replacement.