When you are done with your house layout planning it is finally time for fun!

Now you want to start choosing the look you want your house to have. From the designers point of view, we always try to find out as many things about you as a client as we can by asking lots of questions.

You can start mind mapping by writing down 5 words which describes your perfect room. Then carry on writing words which reflect your personality, your fashion style, places you like travel to, your favourite car, film, song, etc. Do you like flowery patterns or geometric? Do you prefer spots or stripes? Do you like seeing stripes vertically or horizontally?

Collect all the pictures that inspire you and put them into your moodboard. This could be your fabric samples, paint colours, an old photograph, a picture of an accessory, texture or colour you wish to bring into your room. Ideally you should create a moodboard for each room. This task is going to help you refine the list of items you will want to buy.