Living and working in Wimbledon

I am a Wimbledon based interior designer and this time of the year is always very special to me.

Every year for two weeks Wimbledon becomes the world’s media attention focused on tennis games and it has been like this for over the past hundred years.

tennis courts

I admire how the laid back village atmosphere of restaurants and gourmet coffee bars adapt the tennis spirit to support such a beloved game. Most of the Wimbledon residents like staying away at home to keep out of the busy town and chaotic streets of Wimbledon village occupied by tourists. But I love the buzz.

wimbledon village 1

wimbledon village 2


However, Wimbledon is so much more than just a destination for lawn tennis courts. On its own, Wimbledon is a place for leisure and culture, and it is a perfect combination between a peaceful countryside atmosphere and the cosmopolitan sophistication. It is one of the most exclusive and desirable suburbs in London.

wimbledon village 3

wimbledon village high street

wimbledon farrow and ball

wimbledon shops

Wimbledon offers stunning architecture, beautiful natural surroundings and a truly wide choice of houses and apartments where countryside walks and outdoor sports are right next to you.

wimbledon properties 1

wimbledon homes


wimbledon common

All of this makes working on residential interior design projects all around Wimbledon uniquely rewarding.

It is particularly enjoyable working with my Wimbledon clients as they are always after an elegant look to their homes both internal and external.

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