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Everyone has different reasons why they choose to invest in some good quality bespoke furniture.

We see many houses where people have ended up with a lot of different furniture that has been accumulated over the years and the styles and sizes don’t work together and the overall home-look is absent. Often these clients complain that they don’t like using a particular room or even entire house because it doesn’t have a home-feel and that their house has become too cluttered and looks tired due to cheap furniture which has short lifespans.

On the other hand we see clients with newly built extensions or newly built flats and houses and these clients usually refer to their space as a ‘blank canvas’ as they have no furniture at all to put into the new spaces. Often they struggle with finding the right size furniture in the high street shops because the sizes of standard furniture are too big or small to fit into the new spaces or the particular style, colour or finish of furniture cannot be found.

To help solve these two typical scenarios, we work with our clients to design bespoke furniture which are tailor-made to suit the individuality of that person and to fit the specific place in their home.


We always keep in mind that your taste is likely to change over the years and that is why we invest our time and energy to find out all your preferences, requirements and style so you can choose the right major pieces of your furniture, upholstery, flooring and window treatments. This would create a flow and overall look where your furniture looks timeless. Even if you fancy a little update of your home in years to come, you will know that you only will need to change the little elements of your interiors like wall paint colour, cushions and some accessories.

It is very satisfying when our clients love their specially made furniture and soft furnishings and the end result is always worth all the time and money that you have spent on it.

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