The entrance to the house is the area where people usually like to cut corners. We believe that if you are already going down the route of redesigning your house, you should definitely include the hallway in the list of rooms you need to work on.

The reason is very simple. The hallway is the area where the expectation for the rest of the house is set from and you should not be afraid of making big statements. It is the first glimpse of your house which is seen to the eyes when entering the property and where the story begins to flow seamlessly from hallway into other areas of your home.

If your hallway is large, make sure to put great pieces of furniture and accessories in the right proportion to the size of your hall.

However, usually hallways are quite small and often cannot be changed because of legal restrictions but it is still possible to make this a very special area.

Natural light and well thought out lighting design plays a big role in your hallway. A large mirror can be very effective as they reflect light and make your space bigger.

Also think about storage. If you haven’t got a place in your hall where you can put away your coats and shoes then you may want to use a cabinet instead of the console table. A bench with storage can also be a clever way of hiding your shoes away.

Design your hallway smart and it will give you the allure factor!