If you are loving your current home, but feel like you are outgrowing it there might be some things you can do to increase the space.

big windows

1. Walls
Does your house have a lot of different separated rooms – dining room, family room, living room, reception room etc.? Opening up your layout by moving some walls can give lavish and outstanding open plan living. Consult with an expert before removing any walls and once your planning permission has been granted, you will be left with an open and airy space ideal for family living.

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2. Doors

If you don’t have the time or desire to reconfigure the layout of the house, you might be able to achieve similar results by removing doors. Doors are a division to separate all your living spaces, but think if you really need them? I am not suggesting to remove all the doors in your home, but think about adding double sliding doors, then you can keep them open to let light from both side of your house into your living area and you can always slide the doors closed when you need to separate the space. If you have a slightly bigger budget think of using French panelled glass doors. They don’t come cheap, but will add a great deal of value to your property. If you do decide to remove some doors in your house, make sure there is the same flooring throughout to create a flow.

no doors

3. Build an extension

If you have plenty of space at the back or side of your home and you are adamant about increasing your square footage, building an extension can be a good option for you. You will be increasing the size of your home at the same time as increasing its value.

Build an extension

4. Go into the loft
Is your loft a dark, dusty space where you are keeping all your junk? A loft conversion is much cheaper that building an extension and easier to obtain planning permission. It’s a great space you can use for a home office, spare bedroom, play room or even a family TV room. It is also another great way to add value to your property.

Loft conversion

5. Basement

Basements are great for increasing the size of your property. You can gain a lot of additional space where you can add a bedroom, playroom, gym, wine cellar or home cinema – if designed well, your basement can look a million dollars! Also, incorporating a light-well into your basement conversion will give you a lot of natural light.

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