In 2018 we’ll be seeing some bold changes when it comes to interior design. Here’s 5 of our favourites:


We’ve spent thousands of years putting up walls between ourselves and nature, but 2018 will be the year we finally bring these walls down. That’s right, we’re talking about greenery. An eye-catching house plant has long been a staple for any forward-thinking nesters, but 2018 will be the year this trend truly explodes, with homes full to bursting with gorgeous greenery. As well as offering a vivid and verdant aesthetic, a selection of house plants has a wide range of health benefits both physically and mentally. Improving the air quality of your home, helping your sleep pattern and looking totally lush to boot. What’s not to love? From succulents to spider plants, you’ll find plants can have an amazing effect on both your home interior and your wellbeing, so make 2018 the year that you bring the outside in. With the amazing abundance of choice on offer, you don’t need to be green-fingered to make the most of this new trend, as there’s a great range of low-maintenance options such as peace lilies, spider plants and cacti! Of course, you don’t want to forget the importance of a good pot, and more often that not garden centres will sell their plants in cheap plastic containers. Throw those right in the recycling; we like plants housed in handmade ceramic pots, the thicker and more rustic the better. Or, if you’re feeling creative, upcycle some goods from your kitchen. An old tin camping mug makes the perfect pot for a small spider plant! Get creative and try hanging pots as well as floor options. There’s no room of the house that won’t benefit from some amazing greenery.


Another interior design trend bringing us back to nature is the usage of natural wood furniture. We’re seeing driftwood coffee tables and acacia trunk stools more and more, offering a strong rustic aesthetic that is both contemporary and timeless. Due to their nature, these products are usually one of a kind, each with its own unique arrangement of knots, splits, knobs and fissures. As such, they’re a real conversation piece, and something which will make your home feel truly individualistic. What’s more, these are truly versatile options, and when done right can compliment absolutely any interior design. Paired with traditional agrarian decoration, natural wood furniture can give a living space a pastoral, homey feel. By contrast, in a more contemporary setting, complimenting exposed brick walls and mixed metal finishings, these items can a provide trendy bohemian chic. What’s more, because of the intrinsically varied nature, there’s no shortage of creative ways to use natural wood. We’ve seen coat stands, dining tables, sofas, and even entire bed frames constructed completely out of driftwood. When mounted on the wall a piece of wood can even make an amazing statement, offering a charming alternative to more traditional wall art.


In contrast with all this nature and greenery, we’re loving monochrome at the moment. Whilst pale wooden furniture and soft pastel colouring have proved popular over the last few years, the aesthetic intensity of monochrome offers a refreshing and adventurous new alternative. Don’t worry, though, bold usage of black and white will only serve to compliment any colour by way of contrast. Using strong lines and striking geometric patterns, the black and white approach is one which will create a forceful and unique living space. From bed sheets to bean bags, some beautiful black and white patterns will give your home a refreshing and stylish new vibe, so ditch the technicolour and get creative with some monochrome. Decorative cushions and pinstriped curtains; there’s a million ways to make this look your own, and with a colour scheme this bold and stark your home is sure to feel cool and contemporary. Compliment the monochrome with the right use of materials – granite and marble countertops will work perfectly, as will tiled floors, especially of the terrazzo variety. Try accenting the look with touches of burgundy, copper and mahogany to add warmth and weight to your interiors.


If you’re looking for a courageous new space but aren’t quite ready for the leap to monochrome, try out filling your home with some deeper, richer tones. Moving away from the prominence of cool greys and neutral palettes, we’re seeing a darker and more rustic colour scheme come into the picture. The baritone effect of rust, mustard, chocolate and tobacco gives our homes a comforting warmth that has been lacking of late. A complacent approach to colour is a thing of the past, and we’re now looking for darker browns, richer reds and earthier, more complex shades. Bring maroon, chestnut and oxblood to the fore and mix umber with ochre for a snug and satisfying appearance that will feel simultaneously familiar and indulgent.


Another colour we’re going to see a lot of in 2018 is pink, or, more specifically, Millennial Pink. The shade sits somewhere between a sublime salmon and a glorious grapefruit, and although not everyone can seem to agree on the exact shade that defines Millennial Pink, everyone loves it all the same. Unstoppably popular in the fashion world, popping up everywhere from the catwalk to the high street, 2018 is set to be the year we see a lot of this sumptuous shade coming into our homes. A versatile tone, it beautifully compliments the new black and white trend, is the perfect companion to cream, and also fits in well with the more-established palettes of neutral greys and calming pastels. Millennial Pink can be a bit on the overpowering side, but when played down really bring a room to life. As a faux-fur cushion or a frilly throw, Millennial Pink can add an awesome splash of playfulness to your soft furnishings, but when applied to your skirting boards and doorframes, it adds a subtle and distinctive touch of character to your home.