Designing your own look for your homeWhen the time comes to redesigning your house, the key to success is always to plan everything ahead.

First of all you will need to get yourself a new project book and list all the things you want your house to be.

If you are designing more than one room you should also use plastic folders for each room for keeping all the fabric samples, paint boards or trimmings you like. Keep collecting all the samples you love even if you don’t need so many. Don’t make rushed decisions. Explore all the different possibilities in your colour scheme. Never choose the same fabric twice (even if it’s not to be used in the same room) there are too many beautiful fabrics available! Try to think outside the box and look at the patterns, textures and colours you never thought you liked.

Once you have picked out your favourite colour, you should lose all the other samples you are not using and concentrate on the ones you picked. Label them as sofa, chairs, curtains, blinds etc. See if you need to find anything else to compliment the fabrics. Make sure the colours and pattern do work together. Leave your samples in a room and look at the fabrics again during different times of the day.

Also, try to remember that when you look at the fabric swatches they are usually more or less the same size, so try to imagine them to the right scale. When your room is complete some of the fabrics will dominate the room more than others. For example, sample for your curtains will be displayed at the bigger proportion than your cushion samples.

As your project progresses don’t forget to apply pictures, magazine cut outs and write your notes in your project book. This should help you to keep track of your budget as it is very easy to get carried away and blow your budget completely. Recording every step of your progress will help you to achieve the results you want.