If you are thinking of keeping your coffee table empty, think again (it only encourages people to put their feet up on it).

There are so many great ways to dress up the centre piece of your sitting area. It should be easy and nothing but fun! Don’t forget that you always can move things around, add or change it at any time to reflect your mood, season or occasion.

Well thought out designed and laid out coffee table design


1. Add books:

Look for books that are different in size and have interesting covers. Make sure to arrange your book choice neatly, so your largest book is always at the bottom. You can add more than one book pile if you have a large coffee table.

Carefully stacked books style a coffee table

2. Add a box:

If your coffee table does not have a draw, the box will hide all your remote controls away! Look out for a fab box while you are out – it can be wooden, ornamented, metal, leather, shagreen or anything you like or can afford.

Stylish box creating shapes in design


3. Add flowers:

Fresh cut flowers or greens are important attributes of styling your coffee table. They bring life and softness to your coffee table. You will have to change you flowers weekly, so mix it up! It is a great opportunity to introduce something new to your room on a regular basis that can match your mood or season.

Flowers can create a visual impact in interior room designs


Alternately, if you do not have the time or wish to change your flower arrangements so frequently, you can choose to display orchids which can last months.

Orchids in a planter create a unique style and design


4. Add candles:

Candles and candlelight can create a stunning interior designCollect different types of candles that differ in size, colour, odour and texture and always group them together.

Candles can also create a great atmosphere if you light them up in the evenings.

A great trick is to position them on a decorative tray on the coffee table where they can be kept together.









5. Add decorative accessories:

Look out for different shaped and textured sculptural elements to complete the look of your coffee table such as bowls, crystal spheres, corals, elegant lenses, sculptures.

Different textures and colours create a contrasting design and style