I’m sure many of you would love your vision of the perfect home to come true but are not sure where to start. Why not use the expertise and creativity of a professional interior designer?

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1. Money saving geniuses

You may be thinking this is a little strange as you are paying to hire an interior designer, however they are more than likely to save you from making any expensive mistakes. Designers will work within your individual budget to create the best look and feel within every room.

2. Time and effort

An interior design won’t just save you money but will also save you a lot of time and effort, as they do all the running around!

3. Skills and experience

By hiring an interior designer you are investing in their skills and experience. The essence of a great designer is years of practical experience, something that you as the client may not have.

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4. Your needs

One of the first aims of an interior designer is to visit your home to assess your individual needs, which will be translated into your very own colour schemes and preferred layouts of your rooms.

This enables the designer to create functional spaces that are perfect for your lifestyle no matter the size or complexity of the space. Many designers will also create bespoke furniture to suit your needs and most importantly, your wants!

5. Resources

Another important reason for using an interior designer is for their access to resources which gives you a wider choice of furniture, lighting and fabrics that are not available to purchase on the High Street, this also allows you to have a unique look.

Most designers will attend trade shows and industry events to keep up to date with the resources available and the latest trends hitting the market.

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6. Bringing ideas to reality

You may have many ideas of what you want but cannot bring these to life. Designers will bring your ideas to reality by working closely with you and getting to know your unique style. Many people think that each interior designer only works to their unique style however most are open to work with any style you wish.

To bring your ideas to life designers will develop a mood board to create a visual summary of your thoughts. Additionally, your interior designer will show you samples of fabrics and wallpaper to help you visualise what your room could look like.

7. Contacts

It’s all about who you know! Interior designers will have contacts for skilled and trusted craftsman, joiners and curtain makers who will be able to create quality products for your home.

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8. The bigger picture

The work of an interior designer is all about telling a story through the use of colour and patterns. They will create a story of you and your lifestyle.

9. Adding value

If you are looking to sell your house then an interior designer can increase the value of your home by updating your interiors and creating an inviting look for potential buyers.

10. A great atmosphere

A designer will create an atmosphere within a room through the use of colour and lighting which can be used in more than one situation.

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So, why should you use Allure House Interiors?

Allure House Interiors is a young vibrant team based in London. With our skills and years of experience we love to bring fresh ideas and solutions to suit our clients’ individual needs by creating bespoke designs which includes custom-made furniture. We love to gain our inspiration from the colours of nature and from everyday life which you can relate to.